Jin Yue Foods Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is one of the leading manufacturers of various non-genetically modified soybean products. Based on the enthusiasm for soy products, the founder is fully committed to the research and development of soy-related products, besides, constantly strive to innovate. In order to provide the highest quality, stable and safe products, the company utilize automatic production facilities from Japan and Australia to optimize production line technology.


Adhering to the insistence on quality and the goodwill of social responsibility, Jin Yue Foods Company takes the principle of “Sanitation, Safety, Quality, Service, and Innovation” as its tenet. Conforming HACCP certification and ISO22000:2018 international certificate to upgrade management and production technology. Completely strict control from food material source, process operation, finished product packaging to warehousing and shipment, to ensure high product quality standard, meet health and safety requirements. Upholding the mission in providing consumers healthy and safe products.

Implementing the spirit of sustainable development of local companies, Jin Yue Foods Company has transformed from a ``traditional food manufacturer'' to an ``informationized food manufacturer'' that show off brand culture, industrial knowledge, and corporate core values to move forward the international frozen food path.

Dried soy beans.


The soybeans were used the latest technology to screen, size and sort grain with the highest precision to ensure the utmost quality.


Thank for Trust in our products’ Quality, Hygiene, Nutrition, Health, deliciousness and Safety:

Supply to major hospitals, schools and militaries.
Supply to major well-known restaurants, supermarkets and food processing companies.
Supply to foreign food industry.


Conforming HACCP and ISO22000:2018 international certificate to upgrade management and production technology continuously.