Soy Sheet Knot is a traditional soy food. It is made by cutting the nutritious tofu skin into strips and knotting it. It is chewier than tofu skin and makes the stew more flavorful.

Soy Sheet Knot roasted meat, Bell peppers fried Soy Sheet Knot, Beef stewed peanut and Soy Sheet Knot, Shacha Soy Sheet Knot fried cabbage, Braised Soy Sheet Knot, Tomato sauce Soy Sheet Knot with seafood, Soy Sheet Knot fragrant braised pork ribs with taro, Steamed Soy Sheet Knot with cured chicken drumstick.

stir-fry, steam, deep-fry, pan-fry, braise, boil, simmer.

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