Boiled Peanuts Kernels are made by boiling the raw denotes peanuts in a semi-mature state, having achieved full size but not being fully dried. Then remove the shell to eat kernel directly.

True-to-original fresh boiled peanuts with fewer calories than most nuts but is so rich in nutrients of various plant-based proteins and amino acids, can be multi used in variety of cooking.  (*Remark: We had a detailed description for the benefit of Boiled Peanuts Kernel in our BLOG – The nutritional value and efficacy of peanuts)

Cucumber Peanut Salad, Black Rice Porridge with Peanuts and Red Dates, Wine and Vinegar pan-fried Peanuts, Fennel pan-fried Peanuts, Kung Pao Chicken, Fresh vegetable pan-fried Peanuts, Peanut pancake, Cold dressing Celery and Carrot with Peanuts, Boiled Peanut Chaat, Spicy Green Beans with Peanuts, Boiled Peanut Soup, Hearty Peanut and Red Bean stew, Cherry and Boiled Peanut Bruschetta, Shrimp and Peanut Fried Rice.

stir-fry, pan-fry, deep-fry, roast, braise, simmer, cold-dressing, sweetie, bake.

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