Vegan Mock Duck is made by repeatedly rinsing wheat dough to remove the starch. It’s low in fat, high in protein, and – when cooked – very close to meat in texture. Like tofu, it also absorbs flavor easily , so it’s easy to create a meaty approximation with seitan in flavor, texture, and protein content. Without the seasoning, it tasted like an unseasoned duck. You can also season it however you’d like.

Vegan Mock Duck in Rock Sugar Sauce, Red Braised Vegan Duck, Vegan Mock Duck baked with Seaweed and chili Sauce, Five Spice Vegan Mock Duck with Lime, stir-fried vegan Mock Duck with Three Fresh Vegetables, pan-fried Vegan Mock Duck with Green Beans and Mushroom Rice, Sweet and sour Vegan Mock Duck, Assorted vegetable Fried Vegan Mock Duck.

stir-fry, smoked, pan-fry, roast, braise, simmer, deep-fry.

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