Gluten products are rich in wheat protein, and Vegan Gluten Roll is wheat gluten and high-gluten flour mixed with water and made into rolls, which are the ingredients that many vegetarians like to use. Meat and vegetarian food is also a regular ingredient at home, which can be changed into the basic models of various dishes.

stir-fried Vegan Gluten Roll with Shredded Ginger, Cucumber pan-fried with Vegan Gluten Roll, Sauce BBQ Vegan Gluten Roll, stir-fried Vegan Gluten Roll with Pickled Cabbage, Basil stir-fried Vegan Gluten Roll with Fried Soy Chip, Three -cup Vegan Gluten Roll with Vegan Fish Slice, Shacha pan-fried Vegan Gluten Roll, Fried Crisp Vegan Gluten Roll, Cold Dressing Fried Crisp Vegan Gluten Roll with peanuts.

stir-fry, grill, pan-fry, roast, braise, simmer, cold dressing, fried crisp.

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