Gluten products are rich in wheat protein, and Vegan Gluten Meatball is wheat gluten and high-gluten flour mixed with water and made into balls, which are the ingredients that many vegetarians like to use. Often to be replaced as meatball for vegetarian food use. The taste of Vegan Gluten Meatball is much bouncier. No matter whether it is fried, roasted, or marinated, it does not lose bite of the taste. Just a little seasoning is a delicious dish.

Red Braised Vegan Gluten Meatball, Noodle Soup with simmered Vegan Gluten Meatball, Vegetarian Hot Pot with Vegan Gluten Meatball, Stir-fried Marinara Broccoli and Vegan Gluten Meatball Pasta, Cucumber pan-fried with Vegan Gluten Meatball, Sauce BBQ Vegan Gluten Meatball.

stir-fry, pan-fry, roast, braise, simmer.

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