Dried Tofu is made by pressurizing, draining and drying tofu. Because its water content is lower than general tofu. So its nutrient density is higher than the general tofu. Overall to say, the nutrition of Dried Tofu is second only to soybeans, but higher than general tofu and soy milk. It is a good processed soybean product.

Stir-fried shredded meat with Five-spice Dried Tofu, Fried green pepper with Dried Tofu, Scallion-stirred Five-spice Dried Tofu, Spicy fried bamboo shoots with Five-spice Dried Tofu, Sauce-stirred Five-spice dried Tofu squid, Honey-glazed Five-spice Dried Tofu, Fried edamame with Five-spice Dried tofu, Fried Sauce noodles, Braised Dried Tofu, Cold dressing Five-spice Dried Tofu with Kelp.

stir-fry, pan-fry, roast, braise, poach, cold dressing.

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