Vegan Fish Slice can also be called Vegan Japanese Unagi (Eel), which is a skilled dish thought up by monks in ancient Japan. It has been derived to the present, in order to enrich the changes of vegetarian dishes and take into account nutritional considerations, resulting in this Vegan Fish Slice, which is used Non-GMO textured soybean protein as the main material, has a fresh and tender taste with excellent flavor. Not only does it taste good, but the dish look is closer to the eel.

Served with salty and sweet sauce, sprinkled with white sesame seeds, and placed on top of white rice, with steamed vegetables and pickles, it becomes a Japanese-style vegetarian grilled eel rice. It can also be used in hot pot, stew, sweet and sour, teppanyaki and many Japanese, Wester, and Chinese dishes.

Vegan Unagi Don, Vegan Fish Slice fried rice, Sweet and Sour Vegan Fish Slice, Red Braised Vegan Fish Slice, Three-cup Vegan Fish Slice with Gluten Rolls, Pan-fried Vegan Fish Slice with ginkgo and carrots, Stir-fried Vegan Fish Slice with Celery, White radish simmered with Vegan Fish Slice Soup, Borscht Vegan Fish Slice Soup, Seasonal Vegetables Braised Vegan Fish Slice, Eggplant stir-fried Vegan Fish Slice, Vegetarian Seafood Hot Pot, Cold Braised Vegan Fish Slice with Cucumber and Hongxi Mushrooms.

stir-fry, roast, pan-fry, braise, simmer, poach, cold-dressing.