Fresh Soy Sheet are made by condensing the soy milk into tofu, then finely crushing it and pressing it out with a heating roller. It can also be said a very thin dried tofu sheet. In order to have low carbohydrate diet, it has become popular to replace many types of dough sheet, pie crust with Soy Sheet and make various changes. Soy Sheet is one of the best food for low-carb diet replacement.

Veggie Soy Sheet rolls, Seafood Soy Sheet rolls, Soy Sheet fired vegetables, Soy Sheet wontons, Soy Sheet of cheese quiche, Soy Sheet of croquette, Deep-fried Soy Sheet spring rolls, Soy Sheet sushi, Soy Sheet of chicken and vegetables sweet potato savory pie, green pepper fried Soy Sheet rice, Pineapple shrimp and Soy Sheet pizza, cold dressing Soy Sheet.

stir-fry, grill, steam, deep-fry, pan-fry, roast, braise, boil, cold dressing, simmer.

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