Bran Dough is made from raw gluten, which is kept warm, fermented, and steamed at high temperature. It is a common vegetarian food. The steamed Bran Dough is soft and elastic on the outside, and has a spongy structure inside that can easily absorb sauces and flavors. Because of its gluten, the taste is chewy, and the baked Bran is full of sauce will recover its elasticity when it is left to cool. Baked Bran Dough can be eaten in various ways, and steamed products also reduce the burden of frying. It is a good ingredient for meat and vegetarian food.

Kung Pao Baked Bran Dough, Shiitake Mushroom-Edamame-Carrot-Bamboo stir-fried with Bran Dough, Oil-free Japanese style Bran Dough, Assorted vegetable stir-fried with Bran Dough, Red BBQ Bran Dough, Potato and meat simmered with Bran Dough, Cold Dressing Bran Dough and fern Root Vermicelli.

stir-fry, grill, pan-fry, roast, braise, cold dressing, simmer, fried crisp.

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