It is made by freezing fresh tofu. After freezing, it forms a honeycomb inside and contains various vitamins and minerals. Frequent eating frozen tofu is good for fat excretion and reduces fat accumulation in the body.  It is a good food with rich nutrition, low fat and high protein ! (*Remark: We had a detailed description for the benefit of eating Frozen Tofu in our BLOG – It turns out that eating frozen tofu has so many benefits)

Frozen Tofu Hot Pot, Thai Hot and Sour Hot Pot , Sauerkraut White Broth/Pot, Cheese Tofu, Seasonal Vegetable Miso Soup, Basil Stir-fried with Frozen Tofu and Chicken, Fresh Shrimp with Frozen Tofu Casserole, Vegetable and fruit cabbage pot, Roast Meat Cheese Tofu Bricks, Shawarma Style Grilled Frozen Tofu Pita Sandwich, Cold-dressing Frozen Tofu.

stir-fry, boil, deep-fry, pan-fry, braise, simmer, fried crisp, cold-dressing.

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